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Invigning, grand opening


A celebratory event that marks the launch of a new business or location. It is an opportunity for the business to showcase their products, services, and brand to potential customers.



Incentives are rewards offered to individuals or teams to motivate them to achieve certain goals or objectives. They can take the form of monetary rewards, gifts, or recognition.


Trade show, road show


An event where companies showcase their products or services to potential customers and partners. It provides an opportunity for businesses to network, generate leads, and increase brand visibility.

Public Relations, PR Event


An event that is designed to generate media coverage and promote a brand or product. It can include press conferences, product launches, and media tours.

Sales Boost


A sales boot camp is a training program designed to improve the sales skills of a sales team. It usually involves intensive training sessions, role-playing exercises, and coaching.

Lansering, product launch


A marketing strategy that introduces a new product to the market. It is an event where the product is unveiled to the public and its features and benefits are presented.

Road Show


A roadshow is a series of events that take place in different locations to promote a product or service. It involves traveling to different cities or regions to reach a wider audience.

VIP Event


A special event that is exclusively designed for a select group of people who are considered important or valuable guests. These guests are typically high-profile individuals such as celebrities, business executives, politicians, and other notable figures. VIP events are often organized to promote a product, service, or cause, and they may include activities such as exclusive dinners, private concerts, meet-and-greets, and other customized experiences that are not available to the public. VIP events are designed to make guests feel appreciated and important, and they often provide an opportunity for companies or organizations to build stronger relationships with their most valuable stakeholders.

Företagsseminarium, corporate seminair


Is a training or educational event that is open to the customers or personnel. It usually involves a speaker or a panel of experts who share their knowledge on a specific topic.

Mässa, exhibition


An exhibition is an event where companies showcase their products or services to a specific audience. It can be a trade show or a public event and provides an opportunity for businesses to generate leads and increase brand awareness.

Mindset program, journey


Mindset programs are designed to help organisations develop a positive mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, and achieve their goals. These programs often include coaching, workshops, and training sessions.

Brand engagement


Brand engagement refers to the process of creating a connection between the brand and its target audience. This can be achieved through various marketing activities such as social media campaigns, events, and promotions.

Sales Kick Off


An event that marks the beginning of a sales team’s fiscal year. It is a gathering of sales professionals and leaders to align on the company’s vision, mission, goals, and strategies for the upcoming year. The main purpose of a Sales Kick Off is to motivate and energize the sales team for the year ahead, provide training and development opportunities, and facilitate communication and collaboration among team members. SKO often includes keynote speeches, training sessions, team-building activities, and social events. It is a critical event that sets the tone and direction for the sales team’s performance for the year.


Jubliemu, anniversary celebration


An event that marks a special occasion or achievement. It can be a corporate event, such as an anniversary or milestone, or a personal event, such as a wedding or birthday.

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