#1 Lawfulness, fairness and transparency

Personal data must be processed lawfully, in a fair manner and in a transparent way. 

How MP (Mission Possible) complies to this is by not using the data in ways other than marketing e.g pictures taken at events to market other events. Pictures taken are for the sole purpose of marketing events and stored in that way. Not to be mistaken with collecting personal data, underlining its purpose of marketing the business of engaging people at events is crucial for the business success and should be fair in the manner of the service that it uses. 

#2 Purpose limitation

The purpose limitation applies, altho not used very often in MP. It would be for research purposes, with sales numbers not to be mistaken with e.g. bank numbers. 

#3 Data minimization

MP intends to only collect research data for future events and services; it is not about collecting data in a manner that stores data for purposes non identified. 

#4 Accuracy

Data stored should be dated on which collected and what it is so it is clear on what the data specifies. 

#5 Storage Limitation

Data that is collected should be only used with solid cause and when the cause is up the data should be deleted. When it is no longer deemed necessary for its purpose. 

#6 Security

The data if any is stored with security measures. 

#7 Accountability

This principle is that MP can be trusted with the data.

Seven principles of GDPR to keep in mind according to this resource “The Seven Guidelines of GDPR” 23 sep. 2021.

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